Timber Decking Melbourne FAQ

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FAQs – Timber Decking

Timber decking has always been a popular choice for decks in Melbourne. There are lots of options available for the use of timber tobuild your deck, so there is sure to be one that will suit your lifestyle and budget. The hardest decision will be deciding on what timber to use!

Nothing really compares to the look and feel of natural timber decking. This is especially true if your home also has natural timber floorboards  It is also a popular choice if you want your timber deck to blend in with the rest of your garden. It means that there is a seamless flow from your home to your deck to your garden.

To help you find out more about timber decks we have put together some of the most common questions we get asked:

How long do timber decks last?

There are lots of different timbers that can be used for decking. However, it is best to use timber that will last the longest. This is because your deck will be exposed to Melbourne’s harsh weather. This includes rain, heat, humidity and in some cases even snow!

Spotted gum and blackbutt are particularly good choices if you want your deck to last a long time. In fact they can last up to 50 years in the right conditions.

Merbau is another choice that is long lasting. It can last between 15 and 40 years. This is because it has a combination of strength and density. As a result it is resistant to rot and insect attacks.

Is timber decking environmentally friendly?

As timber grows it extracts carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere.  Even better, most of this carbon remains stored in the timber when the tree is cut down and turned into your deck.
If you want to make sure the timber for your deck has come from a sustainable source then choose one that is FSC certified.

Will a timber deck increase the value of my home?

It is estimated that a well designed outdoor living space can increase the value of a home by around $100,000. This is especially true if the deck flows off an indoor entertaining area. This is because it really increases the liveable area of your home. If you add features like an afresco kitchen, outdoor fireplace or spa the value of your home could go up even more.

As I don’t have a big budget is traditional timber decking an affordable option?

There are lots of timber decking options. Some more expensive than others. If you don’t have too much to spend then treated pine provides is the way to go. If you have a bigger budget then merbau is a great choice. As merbau is considered in the mid range, it is a very popular choice.

When my deck starts to age can I rejuvenate it?

Yes this is one of the major benefits of timber decking. If your deck starts to look a bit old you simply sand it back and reseal it. This means it will look near new again.

Are timber decks hard to scratch or mark?

Timber decks are less likely to scratch or mark as compared to composite decking. Also, in the event that you do get a scratch or mark it is a lot easier to fix. At worst, you will need to sand it back and reseal it.

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