Swimming Pool Fences Melbourne

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All Decked Out specialises in fences for swimming pools and spas. So why not let All Decked Out add the finishing touch to your new swimming pool or spa by designing and installing a fence. If you already have a swimming pool but looking to renew your fence we can do that as well.

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Glass Pool Fences

Glass pool fences are the most popular type of fencing we install for swimming pools We install both frameless glass pool fences and semi frameless glass pool fences.

The main safety advantage of a glass pool fence is that you have an unrestricted view of your swimming pool, yet still have the security of knowing that your children cannot gain access to your pool area when you are not available to supervise.

The main difference between the two types of fencing is that frameless glass pool fences have no bars between the glass panels - whereas semi frameless pool fences are supported by vertical posts.

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frameless glass pool fence melbourneFrameless Glass Pool Fences

Frameless glass pool fences are the most popular choice for pool fencing. They are stylish and sophisticated. This means they will enhance all types of homes.

When you choose a frameless glass pool fence you have the advantage of uninterrupted views. This is great for keeping your eye on children and even pets.

The high tempered glass is rust and rot resistant. This compares to other types of fences - including timber and metal fences.

Best of all frameless glass pool fences are easy to maintain

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semi frameless glass pool fence melbourneSemi frameless glass pool fences

Although semi frameless glass pool fences are not quite as popular as frameless glass pool fences they do have some advantages.

When you have a semi frameless glass pool fence, the glass can sit up to 100mm off the ground. The advantage of this is that it allows debris and water to pass under the fence. This prevents a build up of dirt at the bottom of the fence.

The posts can also add extra structural support to the glass pool fence. The posts are usually made of polished stainless steel or powder coated aluminium.

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Swimming Pools and Privacy Screens

swimming pool glass pool fence and privacy screenAs Melbourne's population continues to grow, higher density living is becoming more common. However this does not mean you have to lose the privacy of your backyard.

Privacy is particularly important if you want to enjoy your pool during Melbourne's summers.

With the use of specially designed privacy screens, with an attached pergola you can still enjoy your pool without worrying about your neighbours. In addition, the design make sure that your swimming pool is still in full sun!

The design of the privacy screen can even take into account neighbours with large double storey houses!

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swimming pool fence with retaining wallSwimming Pool Fence Safety

All swimming pools and spas containing a depth of water of 300mm must have a safety barrier. This barrier must comply with relevant building regulations.

The current regulations are contained in AS 1926.1-2012. The standard specifies requirements for the design, construction and performance of the pool fence.

The regulation covers not only the fence itself, but gates, retaining walls, doorsets and balconies. In summary, the swimming pool fence must be at least 1.2 metres high, have gates that are self closing with no direct access from the house.

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