Decking for Melbourne

timber decking with outdoor fireplace and swimming pool

We will custom design your new deck from a variety of timbers and styles to suit your individual needs.  Your new deck will perfectly match the style of your home. Timber decking has become an increasingly popular design feature of outdoor living and entertaining areas as it provides a natural extension of your living space from the indoors to the outdoors.

All Decked Out specialises in many types of decking. Merbau timber decking is currently one of the most popular types of timber for decking. Click here to find out if merbau is the right choice of timber for your new deck.

If you are thinking of low maintenance alternative to traditional timber decking, then composite decking may be the answer. Click here to find out if composite decking is suitable for your needs.

We offer deck oiling services to periodically revitalise your deck's surface to make sure that it is always looking its best.

Decking Design

As your deck will increase your living space, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space more, it is important that you select a deck that best fits your needs. Decks are very versatile and come in many shapes and sizes to suit your needs. Bench seating with storage, balustrades and rails, as well as stairs can all be incorporated into your new deck. Your new deck can be square, rectangular, circular and even multi level.

Your deck will be designed for low maintenance. You will notice that decks have small gaps between the boards to allow water, dirt and leaves to fall between them - all designed for low maintenance.

To make sure you get the most out of your deck, you should consider the following points when selecting the deck that best suits your needs: 

outdoor decking

From the Ground Up

Decks are very versatile and can be installed over existing concrete or pavers.

Decking can also be built on a sloping block - so why not turn an unused part of your backyard into a good looking feature of your home!

At All Decked Out we understand that every property is unique and take this into account when designing your new deck.

Railings & Balustradesoutdoor decking with tree

If you require railings or balustrades, we can incorporate them into the design of your deck.

A large variety of styles for balustrades exist to complement decks - including: steel wire; glass and  timber. To ensure the best finish it is best to integrate them into the design of the deck when it is first constructed to improve the structural integrity of your new deck. However, balustrades can usually be added to your deck at a later stage if needed.

Stairs & Ramps

If your deck is on a slope or raised off the ground, you may require stairs or ramps so that you can gain access to your deck from your garden.


Often a deck is added to an existing home to enhance an outdoor living experience.  When this happens, sometimes a unique solution is required for an unusual situation. For example, you may have a large tree that you want to retain as it provides shade in the summer but it is in the middle of where you want to build your deck! At All Decked Out this is not a problem as we will design the deck around your 'obstacle'and even turn it into a feature.

decking with outdoor living

Part of a Larger Plan

Often a deck is a part of a larger outdoor living project.   As we provide a range of outdoor living solutions besides decking - including pergolas, verandahs, external doors and decorative fences and gates we can design it all for you.

Additional Features

Custom features like seats, storage, retaining walls, privacy screens, etc can be integrated into a deck project to improve your living space.  Whether it be for decoration or function - we will personalise the design to perfectly match your needs.

Timber Selection

A quality deck should be functional, as well as visually attractive to enhance both your outdoor living experience and the value of your home. The following is a selection of the type of timbers that you can use for your decking:

Most decks are made from hardwood although modern composites, plastic boards and treated pine can also be used.  Merbau is by far the timber of choice for decking in Australia, but many alternatives exist. Selecting timber for your new deck for Melbourne's varying harsh climate - from cold winters to hot summers - is important. For more information on specific timbers the following websites offer in depth information on various timbers and their best uses:

Style of Decking

Long Segmented Deck
Alternating 140mm - 90mm boards

Most decks are built using 90mm boards 19mm in height with 4mm spacing between boards, but you are not limited to this sizing. Decking boards come in different widths and are fastened to joists. Normally the boards join end on end and are staggered to prevent seems from becoming too distinct.

At All Decked Out we can custom design your decking to create the style that is just right for your home.

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Staining - if you are looking for a specific colour for your  new deck, timber stains provide the solution without hiding the natural grain of the wood. When staining timber, remember that all stains will darken the timber's colour, so selecting a timber with a naturally lighter colouring will often produce the best results. Stains are not a weather proofing solution, so if you are oiling your deck for weather protection purposes, be aware that the oil will often darken the colour too.

Oiling - on the construction of a new deck, the timber is left untreated for several weeks to allow it to adapt and weather.  However, if the timber is left untreated for an extended time (several months to years) weather and regular usage will take its toll on the timber. Oiling the timber (after its initial weathering period) will seal the timber's surface against the worst effects of continual usage and weather. For best results, oiling should be performed yearly to prevent degradation.

All Decked Out offers an Oiling Service, where we will revitalise your deck on an annual basis to ensure it is constantly looking at its best.

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